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Mount Semeru | Gunung Semeru

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Mount Semeru, is the highest volcano in East Java and Java as the second highest, precisely located in Lumajang. Mount Semeru has a height of 3.676 meters above sea level and is also known as Mahameru or Mount Agung.

Semeru's name comes from the Hindu-Buddhist myth, the mountain Meru or Sumeru, which is the abode of the gods.

Mount Semeru is an active volcano is still very active and more or less every 20 minutes once a crater issued a black volcanic ash and sand. The first person to climb this mountain is CLIGNET (1838) a Dutch geologist from the southwest through Widodaren, then Junhuhn (1945) a Dutch botanist from the north through the mountain-Ayek Ayet, mountains and mountain Inder Inder-Kepolo. In 1911 Van Gogh and Heim over the northern slope and after 1945 are generally carried out through the northern slopes of the climb through Ranupane and Ranu Kumbolo it is today.

Flora that live in the Mount Semeru vary, but most are dominated by pine trees, acacia and jamuju. There are also orchids and endemic Edelweis which can be found around the peak of Semeru.

Meanwhile, there are also some of the fauna to be found such as, tigers, monkeys leaves, raccoons, deer, mice and more forest.
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