Mount Bromo Tour And Travel Organizer

Mount Bromo Tour And Travel Organizer

Surabaya Ijen Tour 2D 1N | Kawah Ijen Tour

Day 1: Surabaya - Ijen  Plateau ( Sempol Area )
Arrive in Surabaya, direct travel to the crater area (village Sempol) passes. You will pass many beautiful views towards the crater along the way. Arriving in the area Sempol, you will immediately see the waterfall to Belawan, after seeing the waterfall check in hotel and free program while waiting for dinner.

Day 2: Kawah Ijen Tour - Trasfer Out  

Wake up at 4.30 for breakfast, check out of hotel, you will be immediately brought to the area to start a tour Paltuding famous crater, once on Paltuding we will invite you to our local guide to start the trekking, the way you will see many miners blerang passing of the crater, after reaching the peak of the crater you will see the biggest and beautiful crater menjawa, after enough of the crater back kepaltuding for a short break and we will proceed to your next destination, 

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