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Trekking Mount Bromo To Reach Beautiful View

Trekking Mount Bromo To Reach Beautiful View - Mount Bromo which stands tall at 2329 m is one of the most iconic mountain in Indonesia. It beckons majestically despite having the entire top blown off and with a crater inside that keeps spewing off white sulphurous smoke. Mount Bromo is still one of the most active volcanoes in the world and there are areas that are blocked off from tourists due to its imminent danger. It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (volcanic crater with diameter approximately 10km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (sea of sand) of fine volcanic sand. This breathtaking and ethereal landscape have been swooned by many travelers alike.

Myth has it that Mount Bromo is significant to the Tengger people who believe that the site is where their brave prince sacrificed his life for his family. To appease the Gods, the people will offer food and money by throwing it into the crater of the volcano once a year during annual Kasada (or Kasodo) festival.

Where is it

Mount Bromo is situated inside Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park, beside Mount Semeru at East Java, Indonesia.

Why go

To be awe in nature’s best combination of beauty and danger, an active volcano that can be so foreboding and desolate yet so beautiful. The view itself is almost out of this world and be the reason enough to go there!
Upclose with Mount Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Up close with Mount Bromo

When is the best time to go

June – August where there is less rain but more tourists. August is also the month for the Kesada / Kesodo festival for the Tengger people if you are interested.
But that being said, Indonesia being a fairly mild weather of just rain and shine, anytime is a good time to go Mount Bromo, only check out for local weather when you are there for best clear sky for your sunrise experience. If you do not have much days then hope for the best when you are there.
Also try to avoid weekends if you do not want the crowd.

What to see

Mount Bromo of course.

Tenggerese houses which is unique to its kind, while take some time to understand the fine Tengger people.

A Tenggerese Hindu temple known as The Poten that sits nearby Mount Bromo, looking both eerie and peaceful on the sea of sand.

What to do

Hike up Mount Penanjakan in time to catch the sunrise over Mount Bromo. It takes about 1-2 hours hike to the first vantage point. Sun rises at 5.30am, therefore usually you have to plan when to start hiking depending on your fitness level. Maps and information are readily and easily available at one of the many official locations. Extra tip is that you may want to hike earlier to avoid the crowd and get a good spot as you may find a lot of people crowding the vantage point to view the sun rising over Mount Bromo. If you have the time and energy, there is another less-crowded vantage point higher up with unobstructed view of the sunrise. Find and scale the slope behind the shelter to get to the higher flat land.

Trek down Mount Penanjakan and up to Mount Bromo summit. Here you can trek down and then across 3km sand of sea and then upwards to summit the caldera of Mount Bromo. It takes about 1-2 hours again depending on your fitness level.
Road through Sea of Sand to Mount Bromo's crater

Road through Sea of Sand to Mount Bromo’s crater

What and where to eat

Every lodge, guesthouse or hotel normally serves food as well for travelers. There are also few independent eateries around to choose from such as Bromo Corner Café and Waroeng Basuki, or you may just head on to simple roadside warungs and enjoy basic local Indonesian food. You should also try out the hot Javanese coffee (kopi panas). All restaurants will open by 3am as that is when most people start to wake for the hike to catch the sunrise.

Where to stay

You may find various guesthouses and basic hotels located around Mount Bromo, as that place is popular for tourists. Try to stay nearby so that you can do the morning hike up to catch the sunrise easily. Lots of guesthouses or hotels are situated at the crater rim.

Java Banana Bromo Lodge (affliate link)

But if you want to stay a little bit further away, you may stay in nearby towns such as Malang, or at some of the cool mountain resorts offer spectacular view of Mount Semeru and Mount Arjuna.

How to get there

Fly into Juanda international airport at Surabaya. There are direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bali. If you are flying domestic from Jakarta, you may take Sriwijaya that flies twice weekly. Take note of domestic departures cost is 40,000 Rp tax while international departures cost is 200, 000 Rp tax.

Distance from Surabaya airport to the Mount Bromo national park is about 70km and the time it takes is around 4 hours due to heavy traffic and congestion. On the way, you would pass Probolinggo town which lies at the major highway across java. Here is where most backpackers would usually share a transport to take them up to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National park.

How to get around

If you are able, then trekking or walking is the best way to experience Mount Bromo but you may take ponies or horses across the sea of sand to the bottom of the steep stairs that leads to the crater.

Where to go nearby

Mount Bromo, Indonesia with rising smoke

Mount Bromo with rising smoke
Malang – Cultural capital of East Java
Ijen crater – 6 hours drive away. Magnificent turquoise sulphur lake that exudes flames, blue fire at night and smoky white in the day.


Bring a jacket and gloves as it may get chilly up there. In a pinch you can rent a jacket at around 25k rupiah and buy a glove at 20k rupiah.
Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, Java, Indonesia

Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, Java, Indonesia

Paket Murah Bromo Malang Surabaya Tour

Kali ini team Mount Bromo Tour akan menjelaskan tentang sebagian kunjungan wisata yang popular di jawa timur salah satu diantaranya  Gunung bromo, dan Wisata kota Batu Malang yang menyimpan banyak tempat wisata dan patut anda coba bersama keluarga tercinta. berikut perihal wisata Bromo dan Batu malang 4 hari 3 malam yang sangat popular dari tahun ketahun
detail jadwal utk bromo malang surabaya tours 4 hari 3 malam yaitu seperti berikut :

hari pertama : surabaya – wisata bromo
menjemput anda dng mobil pribadi yg nyaman pada waktu kehadiran anda di bandara surabaya, kita pergi ke bromo dng durasi 3, 5 jam mengemudi, berhenti di resto lokal utk nikmati makan siang serta dilanjutkan menuju ke bromo, sesaat tiba di area bromo  check in hotel bromo, acara bebas.

hari ke-2 : bromo sunrise tour – batu malang tour
bangun jam 3 :00 pagi, kita dapat dimulai dari jam 3 :30 utk pergi menuju titik penanjakan menggunakan jeep 4wd utk lihat keindahan matahari terbit serta pemandangan bromo, tamasya selanjutnya dilanjutkan ke lautan pasir, pendakian ke gunung bromo utk lihat kawah bromo. dng durasi 30 menit jalan kaki utk meraih kawah bromo atau bisa menunggang kuda/jaran yaitu alternatif lain utk meraih kawah, tiba di puncak gunung bromo, nikmati panorama bromo, lantas, sesudah nikmati keindahan gunung bromo kembali ke hotel utk sarapan, bersantai serta istirahat sesaat, mandi serta berkemas, check out serta menuju ke malang, kehadiran di batu malang berkunjung ke air terjun coban rondo, nikmati air terjun, lantas dilanjutkan ke hotel utk check-in, sesudah makan malam, diikuti dng tur berkunjung ke bns ( batu setelah itu spectakuler ) setelah bns kembali ke hotel serta istirahat.

hari ketiga : petik apel – tatimpark ii – belanja – surabaya hotel
bangun, sarapan, dan check out kurang leih jam 9am, tour diawali menuju petik apel di perkebunan, serta mengunjungi  jatimpark ii. sesudah cukup senang dari jatimpark segera menuju pusat belanja spesial batu malang “oleh-oleh“. makan siang di resto lokal di toko oen ( toko es cream bersejarah ). tour malang selesai langsung  menuju candi singosari, stelah kita cukup tau perihal candi ini serta dilanjutkan menuju surabaya durasi cukup menggunakan waktu 3, 5 jam saja, kehadiran di surabaya check in hotel serta program bebas.

hari keempat : hotel surabaya – surabaya airport.
bangun,dan bersiap2 check out dari hotel, lebih kurang jam 10 pagi, kita dapat diawali kunjungan pertama kita utk pergi menuju jembatan suramadu, dan makan siang di resto setempat, sesudah itu kita pergi menuju, kunjungan ke monumen kapal selam ( monumen kapal selam ), kunjungan selanjutnya yakni menuju the house of sampoerna – di antara pabrik rokok terbesar kretek di indonesia pt. hm sampoerna. serta kunjungan paling akhir yakni ke heroes monument ( tugu pahlawan ) 10 november, monumen utk memperingati hari berani orang surabaya sepanjang pertempuran surabaya melawan kemampuan sekutu di th. 1945. dan sesudah itu dilanjutkan ke airport serta program selesai.

Tour Bali - Bromo - Ijen - Bali

 tour itenanary Tour Bali - Bromo - Ijen - Bali,  Mount Bromo, Kawah Ijen And Bali Island
day 1 bali to java – bromo hotel ( east java )
our staff can choose you up from a hotel then take you to actually actually most eastern tip of java island, only acroos the narrow bali strait by ferry, the trip goes across the rural landscape of west bali and lunch will surely be served at native restaurant upon the approach. short ferry crossing ( 1 hours ) for getting to java aspect then drive to mt bromo for regarding 6-7 hours. keep overnight at lava view or java banana.

day 2 bromo sunrise – ijen crater/plateau area
at 04. 00am the 4wd can present you with in the most favourite worlds view purpose of mount penanjakan upon the rim as out to the tengger caldera to discover sunrise with its young volcanic as well as mount bromo and an active mount semeru within the whole background is breathtaking the play light-weight shadow with sunrise reach mountain succession from the highest in the bottom and therefore the usual fog as out to the caldera, afterward the journey be continued to an active mount bromo volcano. regarding 08. 00 am the 4wd can present you with back in the hotel for breakfast, take shower, packing, loading bags in the vehicle then drive to ijen crater in space banyuwangi. for regarding 4-5 hours as well as stop upon the approach for having lunch at native resto. keep overnight at ketapang indah or similar hotel.

day 3 ijen trekking – bali island
early wake up at 04. 00 am and keeping breakfast box then drive to your short approach paltuding in the begin as out to the trail that lead up in the active beautiful crater of kawah ijen volcano regarding 2 hourswalking with its famous blue lake acid and therefore the hot partly liquid sulfur deposit. the dumorales is so hot that sulfur return out as green vapour. the vapour is collected by giant pipe along at the excite of that its condenses, forming red rivulets of liquid sulfur than freeze to solid deposite are carried to get huge block of sulfur with ancient, healthy devastating technique and incredibly laborious job. when observations time we leave ijen plateau and drive right all the way down to banyuwangi city then regarding at 13. 00 directly transfer you over to bali for regarding 5- 6 hours. tranfer in hotel bali.

value embrace :
lift service from bali airport/hotel & transfer out bali airport/hotel
land transportation and fuel
ferry fare
4wd jeep bromo tour & ijen tour
1 n keep hotel bromo area
1 n keep hotel ijen area
all entrance ticket on program
english speaking guide
mineral water &, daily breakfast

value exclude :
personal expenses
meals throughout on program ( l, d )
horse riding mt bromo
tipping, bar, laundry, airport tax,
travel insurance, camera fee

Surabaya Bromo MidNight Tour 12Hours

Bromo Tour Package : Yogyakarta Tour, Bromo Tour, Ijen Tour, Bali Tour

Bromo Midnight tour is Mount Bromo Tour packages in duration 12 hours that start from Surabaya, where the tour will begin in the middle of the night about 11-12 hours a night, for Midnight bromo tour packages 12 hours please see the following program:


Day 01: Surabaya airport - Mount Bromo Tour - Surabaya Air Port
we will pick you up Your arrival in Surabaya, guide and driver stand by at between 11-12 pm to start the tour from Surabaya. after meeting you and our staff, we will take you directly to see the sunrise start the tour in Mount Bromo. trip will take 3 hours from Surabaya to bromo. after arriving in bromo area, we will invite you to use a jeep tour to see the sunrise, after sunrise and just enjoy the scenery of Mount Bromo. jeep will take you back to the crater for trekking and after trekking bromo tour is finish and we will take to go directly to Surabaya airport.

Tour is flexible for those of you who have a free hour, for more details about Bromo Malang Tour, Malang BATU tour And Midnight Bromo Package Tour , please contact us.

Surabaya Bromo Tour 2d 1n | Mount BromoTour

Bromo Tour Package : Yogyakarta Tour, Bromo Tour, Ijen Tour, Bali Tour

Tour packages Surabaya Mount Bromo 2 days 1 nights | Bromo Tour Package | Bromo  tour Please see the itenerary belows of Mount Bromo Tour From surabaya :
Day 1: Surabaya - Bromo Area Hotel in Cemoro lawang  
Arrive in Surabaya, direct travel to Bromo past LAPINDO in Sidoarjo Mud. You will pass many beautiful sights along the way to Bromo. Arriving at Bromo tourist area, you will immediately be invited to stay. 

Day 2: Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour Via penanjakan - Transfer Out 

You must get up at 3:00 and went to Peak Wib Pananjakan from the hotel by using the Jeep 4 × 4 to see the sunrise from a height of 2700 meters after it fell into the crater of Bromo by crossing the Sea of ​​Sand. Jeep from the parking lot to the crater of Bromo we can walk or ride a horse, then we will climb the 250 steps to see the crater of Bromo. Finished viewing the crater of Bromo us back to the hotel to eat breakfast and get ready to go back to Surabaya.

For complate tour and further information about the tour packages of Bromo Tour, Mount bromo Tour 2 Days 1 Night Please contact us