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Mount Raung | Gunung Raung

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Mount Raung is a mountain located on the eastern tip of Java island. Mountains with an altitude of 3332 m.dpl has a caldera with a depth of 500 meters, always smoky and often belch fire. Roar of the mountain including the still active volcano with a caldera at the top and surrounded by many small peaks, according to records terdahsyat eruption occurred in 1638. Strato volcano mountain is geographically located in Banyuwangi, Jember and Bondowoso, astronomically located at 08 ° N-07 ° S and 114 ° West-021 ° East.

Mount Raung/ Gunung Raung is part of the Ijen mountain group consisting of several mountains, diantaranyal gunung.Suket (2.950mdpl), gunung.Raung, (3.332mdpl), gunung.Pendil (2338), gunun.Rante (2664), gunung.Merapi ( 2,800), gunung.Remuk (2092), and the crater. Roared the beauty of the mountain we can see the paradise island of Bali, exactly when we were on the beach of North Bali Lovina Singaraja in the late afternoon or when the sunset at Lovina Beach.

Ascent Path
To reach the summit of MountRaung, point-of-way Bondowoso Wringin source is the path most often used as a hiking trail, while the path of the Banyuwangi-Bajulmati less traveled because the field is likely to climb uphill and steep. Of the direction we are heading into Wonosari Bondowoso by minibus and then we go to the village Sukosari. From village to village Sukasari we continue to ride Sources Wringin rural transport vehicles. The trip takes 1.5 hours.
In the village we Wringin Resources Resources Wringin down in the market, then the path towards the cottage which is located about 1hr Motor of Wringin Resources, through the pine trees are well organized and on the go will find some hut in the farm population which can be used to rest. Can also use a coffee plantation owned vehicles to get to Pondok Motor.

In Pondok Motor will be found a cottage climber. From this place the ascent begins through the moor as far as 500m to the southeast. Then the journey continued for 30 minutes we will reach a height 1300m.dpl. At this height will be found pertigaaan Suket route to the mountain to the east which has now closed. From here, head height 1600m.dpl takes approximately 30 minutes.

The climb continues towards the Well Cottage (1750 m.dpl). Of cottage Well, the trip is getting hard because belukar.setelah overgrown path that we will pass through pine forests and fern and meadow, after that we will reach Pondok Demit. From Pondok Demit, climbing continues to Pondok Mantri, which takes sekitara 7 hours. Mantri cottage (2900m.dpl) is a forest border with rocks before the peak. In this place we can set up camp for the night. Mantri continued ascent of the cottage through the field to the top of the mountain rocks roar. Total ascent takes about 9 jam.dan decline in the need 5 hours.
The mountain is a ridge summit caldera. Crater is very broad and deep and very steep. Surely there is another high point, but we can not go there, because there is no path and adequate supplies needed. At the top is often accompanied by strong winds blowing rain, causing the very cold air. Temperatures can reach 2-10 degrees celsius. Warm clothing is needed in the ascent.

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