Mount Bromo Tour And Travel Organizer

Mount Bromo Tour And Travel Organizer

Routes To Mount Bromo, Probolinggo East Java

Bromo Tour Package : Yogyakarta Tour, Bromo Tour, Ijen Tour, Bali Tour

Gunung Bromo or english named Mount Bromo with a height of 2329 meters above sea level is a giant caldera with a diameter of about 10 km with a few small mountains in the middle, one of which is Mount Batok. Surrounded by a sea of ​​sand and smoke steaming crater makes a spectacular sight, especially when the sun rises. How To Seacrh For Tour Mount Bromo District ?

There are several alternative routes that you can use, among others:
Route From Probolinggo
Probolinggo is a town in the watchlist north of East Java, Gunung Bromo distance of about 45 Km. The route of Probolinggo is to Ketapang, then forwarded to the Sukapura, here there are lots of good accommodation, it is recommended you stay here when going to spend the night in Bromo. Of Sukapura proceed to Ngadisari Cemoro Lawang and directly to the right on the lips Caldera. The total journey takes about 1.5 hours.

If you use an aircraft, for use toward Probolinggo of Surabaya Damri Bus available at Heathrow airport to the terminal Bungurasih (also known as terminal Purbaya) in the city of Surabaya. From the terminal you can use a Bus Patas AC directly to Probolinggo, travel time about 3 hours. 

Route from Pasuruan.
This route is slightly more difficult than if we go through Probolinggo, the advantage is the distance from Surabaya closer, exactly before Probolinggo. To reach the Bromo caldera of Pasuruan you have to go through Pastepan Tosari a distance of about 45 Km. You can use the local bus or public transportation. Of the journey continues to Wonokitri Tosari using Bemo or rickshaw, if you have an adventurous spirit, you can also menumpak high in tub truck. Of Wonokitri proceed on foot about 14 Km to Bromo, a good distance but do not worry, the scenery here is beautiful with a cool and fresh air. But if you are lazy to walk you can rent a Jeep 4x4 is widely available in Wonokitri to the Bromo caldera. If you want to stay there is a pretty good lodging in Tosari and Wonokitri.

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