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Sukamade Beach Merubetiri National Park

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Sukamade Beach Merubetiri National Park, Tour Adventure Sukamade, Packages Tour Merubetiri and Sukamade
Betiri Meru National Park (national park) located on the south coast of East Java in the two districts namely Jember and the eastern end in Banyuwangi with an area of ​​50,000 hectares. Named after the highest mountain in them the Mountain (Meru) Betiri (1223 m). Besides being able to see the five species of sea turtles are often visited this beach, there is still no Java tiger (reportedly). It also can be seen buffalo, leopard, deer, and various types of monkeys. Of species of birds are peacocks, eagles and hornbills range. In addition, the flora here include Rafflesia zollingeriona and Balanphora fungosa. Beautiful scenery with enchanting beaches can be done in Green Bay. For those who are not satisfied with the adventure of watching turtles lay eggs can do other activities, among others. exploring the woods around Mount Bandealit and Wear. Can also rock climbing and rope climbing down cliffs Bandealit coastal cliffs.

This region is conserved in the form of protected areas since 1972. Until the 1979 turtle eggs in Sukamade still hunted by collecting. However, now the collection, removal puppies, and catching turtles is strictly prohibited, because the green turtles, including protected species. According to a research report WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the most common green turtle nesting Sukamade. And sometimes there are no data from several species spawn absent for several years, but then came back again.

Turtles would avoid the beach if as he was about to land to lay their eggs there spotlight. This is why the distances are set to come ashore Sukamade is by foot. For owners of cars sedans, should not have to conduct exploration in the wilds of Meru Betiri to Sukamade Coast, because after entering the door post Betiri Meru, the road is no longer paved. No longer a macadam road, but the road is full of pointy rocks. In fact, to get to the beach Sukamade, car travelers will pass through five tributaries where the water is knee-deep in adults, not to mention if the rains could reach as high as the jeep.

Rough terrain to the location Sukamade could dilalaui jeep. Because adventurous, owner jeep rental opens up a whole hood, and replace it with tarp roof. Be, travel to Green Bay and Coastal Sukamade a challenging tour.
For access to Sukamade be through the town of Banyuwangi. The distance between Banyuwangi to Sukamade approximately 98 kilometers. Or it could be read on the Way Achievement MeruBetiri Location.

Some attractions are often visited, among others;

    Mount Sodung; Down climbing is an activity favored by lovers of Nature. Small cliffs as high as 100 m that is often used by those in the adventure sports activities, called Mount Sodung. In the top of the hill there is a tower used to observe the surrounding scenery.
    Goa Japan, Japanese Cave is located at an altitude of 200 m. In front of the cave there is a heap of stones is a fortress of protection of the Japanese army when there is resistance from the enemy that will be anchored on the beach Bandealit.
    Eastern Estuary; activities to do at the eastern mouth of the estuary browse canoeing, swimming, windsurfing learn, and learn to sail.
    Meru Gulf; Meru Bay can be reached from Bandealit. In this place tourists can observe birds, fishing and see the sunset. Beautiful coastal scenery mainstay of this location and unspoiled natural conditions create a breathtaking landscape. interesting. Activities do visitors include: camping, fishing, sunbathing, and swimming.
    Agro; Inside the park there is the PT. Bandealit which include horticultural crops such as soursop, durian, oranges, rambutan. Commodities can be an agro-tourism which is very interesting.

Rajegwesi; Rajegwesi an entrance gate Betiri Meru National Park in the Eastern (Banyuwangi). Rajegwesi Beach was the first attraction that can be found. The beach is choppy relatively small when compared to other south coast, the people around the area used for a harbor fishing boats as well as fishing and the fish auction.

Many activities to do this shore as fishing, swimming, boating, watching fishermen capturing fish and sell them on middlemen in the fish auction place.

Existing facilities at the beach Rajegwesi is Pos admission and Informasiton the center.

Gulf Peace and Green Bay; True to its name of sea water here is not blue like the sea but green. Activities to do in Green Bay that include swimming, fishing, and enjoying the beauty of the white sand. Near this location terapat Japanese Goa and Goa reserved parking space in front of the vehicle.

In the vicinity of Green Bay Palm trees can be found. The fruit is round stranded (clustered) and known fro. Ijuknya commonly used material for making brooms and brushes the floor.

Beaches of Sukamade;
Beach Sukamade is one of the attractions that are in the zone of intensive utilization of national parks. Activities that can be done is turtle nesting observation, the release of hatchlings, bird watching, observing rafflesia, and camping.

The usual turtle landing and laying on the beach Sukamade there are 4 types of six species of sea turtles in Indonesia, the Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas), Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Slengkrah Turtle (Lepidochelys olivaceae), and the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriaceae) . Among the turtles are the most common land is green turtles.

Facilities at this location include: Cottage Holidays, Camping Ground which is equipped with a pavilion for meeting rooms, shelters, street tourist trail, information center, labs and lodge work.

Other attractions in the coastal mangrove forests Sukamade is located at the mouth of the east coast Sukamade. The river can be used for canoeing while doing bird watching. The birds including bird-Roko Roko, sea eagles, terns and many more sea birds can be observed. Bird watching is usually done while waiting for the sunset.

Gulf Permisan; Sukamade-Permisan a traking path that can be taken within 4-5 hours. Walking on this path to do while enjoying the beauty of the flora and fauna found along the way. Permisan Beach is the resting place of Nature Lovers conducting Traking / Cross Meru Betiri of Jember (Bandealit) to Banyuwangi (Sukamade Beach). Activities conducted: camping, fishing, and bird watching.

Agroforestry Demonstration Plot (7 ha); Village Andongrejo and Curahnongko are the villages bordering the Meru region Betiri TN. In this village there are two groups who cultivate medicinal plants TOGA a traditional medicinal products. Marketing of medicinal products has been extended to the outside Jember. In the village Andongrejo (rehabilitation zone) there agroforestry demonstration plot area of ​​7 hectares with crops grip, kedawung, nutmeg, tamarind and others. Demplot was built by auxiliaries Consortium FAHUTAN IPB-LATIN.

Habitat Rafflesia; Along the way from the gate to the Bandealit Andongrejo are habitat rafflesia (Rafflesia zolingeriana Kds.), Precisely in Block krecek about 8 km from the Post Andongrejo. This location is easily accessible as it is located on the edge of the road. At this location at a certain time to do observations of the rafflesia flower blooms. Generally rafflesia flowers bloom throughout the year with the blooms for 7 days

Jungle track / Tran Bandealit - Sukamade;

Trans-Sukamade Bandealit a favorite track groups of nature lovers to explore lowland tropical rainforest. Track length of approximately 18 km and a regular on the travel walk for 3 days with Bandealit route - Meru-Permisan and Sukamade.

Business opportunities that can be developed by the community include: tour guides, craft (souvenir), other travel services, trade, maritime tourism facility rental, lodging, camping ground, cafeteria, and others.

How to reach the location

Towards the Meru National Park Betiri i can be achieved through a 4 lane road from both of Jember and Banyuwangi, namely:

    Line-Ambulu Jember-Curahnongko-Bandealit (Meru Betiri Gateway to the West) at about 64 km can be reached in about 1.5-2 hours with a two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel.
    Line-Glenmor Jember-Sarongan-Sukamade (Meru Betiri Gateway to the East) over 103 km can be reached within 3.5 to 4 hours with a two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel.
    Jember-tile-path-Pesanggaran Jajag Saro-with-Sukamade along the 109 km can be reached within 3.5 - 4 hours with a two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel.
    Line-Jajag Banyuwangi-Pesanggaran-Sarongan-Sukamade along 137 km can be reached within 5 hours by motor vehicle.

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