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Gili Ketapang Island In Probolinggo

Gili Ketapang is a village, or rather a small island in the Madura Strait, exactly 8 km off the north coast Probolinggo located in District Sumberasih.

Has an area of 68 hectares, inhabited by mostly ethnic Madurese livelihood as fishermen with quality of life that can be called prosperous.

Gili Islands Ketapang connect with Java, and can be accessed via the port of Tanjung Copper, Probolinggo which is only about 30 minutes perjalann. This island is relatively unspoilt island, where there are still blue sea and free of pollution and coral seabed looks crisp and colorful.

Communities around Gili Ketapang, Ketapang village initially believed that integrates with Java. After the terrible earthquake post-eruption Mount Semeru, Ketapang village detached itself from Java. Hence comes the name Gili Ketapang, in Madurese, Gili has sense of flow, and Ketapang is the original name of the place.

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