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Sempu Island Package | Malang Batu Tour

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Sempu Island Package | Malang Tour | Batu Tour
Sempu Island, is a small island located in the south of the island of Java. The island is located in Malang regency, East Java. Currently Sempu a nature reserve protected by the government. In this island barely brackish springs found.

Geographically, Sempu island is located between 112 ° 40 '45 "- 112 ° 42' 45" east longitude and 8 ° 27 '24' - 8 ° 24 '54 "South latitude. The island has an area of ​​approximately 877 hectares, bordering the Strait Sempu (Spring Blue) and surrounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, east and west.

Sempu Island can be reached from Malang through Blue Spring Beach, and crossings using fishing boats, and get permission.

Sempu Island is also perfect place to enjoy the sea south of Java. In addition to high waves, breathtaking views of the island which is also the main attraction here. Island holidays Sempu really awesome!

One tourist destination not to be missed for the traveler is Sempu Island. It was in Malang, East Java. Not just an ordinary island, on the island of Sempu be fabulous holiday.

Sempu Island and Segara Anakan are two objects that can not be separated. Anakan Segara is a lagoon formed by the fierce waves of the ocean south. Natural and full of beautiful scenery, that's the right word for mewakilkannya.

Trip can be started from the fish auction Beach Blue Spring, Malang. With a boat, you will cross the ocean with beautiful scenery. After that, you also have to penetrate the thick forest terrain pretty heavy, as many large trees across the road.

Until the final destination at the end of the island, then you can meet with Segara Anakan. The view is awesome lake more beautiful thanks to a big rock. Climb the rock up to the top. From the highest point, you can enjoy panoramic views of the southern ocean unmatched. 

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