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Plengkung Beach G-land Package

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Plengkung Beach G-land Package, Plengkung beach or commonly called the G-Land, is one of the beaches in Banyuwangi and has been popular in the know as â € œThe Seven Giant Waves Wonderâ €? given by a surfer on the world rolls its waves are stunning.

This beach is located as part of the National Park Alas Purwo and waves at this beach is one of the best in the world, with waves as high as 4-6 meters along the 2km in the formation of compound 7 waves. To that end, not one that Plengkung beach is a paradise for surfers who want to conquer the world of professional rustling G-Land surf this.

In addition to the Plengkung, only in Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa who have such terrible waves. Waves in Plengkung is second only to Hawaii and that has waves all year long. Crest of waves in Plengkung only in certain months between April and August. It is therefore not surprising Plengkung already five times a site of international surfing.

Indicate the name of G-Land Grajagan said, that the name of a bay. G-land or Plengkung beach is surrounded by pristine rainforest and beautiful, thus offering a complete package for travel and sports.

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