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Yadnya Kasada at Mount Bromo

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Peak of Yadnya Kasada Ceremony at Mount Bromo Saturday Early Days 3-4 August 2012, Residents at Mount Bromo Tengger tribe held a ceremony back Yadnya Kasada starting on Friday (3/8) to a peak of Saturday night (4/8) morning, said the chief Wonokitri, Aidarmiwati contacted Wednesday.

However, citizens of Tengger tribe had engaged in preparations starting on Tuesday (31/7) by doing "mendak tirta" (taking water) in a number of water sources in the region of Mount Bromo.

Tengger tribe resident in wiklayah Pasuruan, and holy water in Malang mengamvbil Widodaren Mount, while residents in the Tengger tribe Lumajang take holy water in Ranupane, and residents in the Tengger tribe Probolinggo take holy water in Madakaripura.

Holy water taken from various sources terserbut was then taken to the Pura Agung Poten in the caldera of Mount Bromo for ritual purposes.

Mentioned, before performing the ceremony Yadnya Kasada tribal ritual have also been doing mepak at each homes Tengger tribe. And on Thursday (2/8) afternoon Tengger perform tribal ceremonies piodalan, the Pura Agung Poten memorial service at Mount Bromo.
While residents in four areas Tengger tribe is also carry out various activities of which held a variety of traditional arts tayuban, as well as welcoming guests to the party on Friday (3/8) night.

Guests at the welcoming party was held at the Makati Court Pendapa Wonokitri, while welcoming guests in Probolinggo dilakksanakan in Pendapa Cemorolawang.

New to midnight, perch from different tribal areas took to the summit caldera to perform the ceremony at Pura Agung Yadnya Kasada Poten. Ceremony held on Friday (3/8) at 00.00 midnight.

Having it on Saturday (4/8) early tribal Tengger jointly implement sejaji anchoring of various crops and livestock into the crater of Mount Bromo.
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